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     Shenzhen Big-master Technology Co.,Ltd is a high technology company, located in Shenzhen, China, founded in 1995, has great interest in Electronic technological progress all the time. Our Innovation Technology Department boot preview and reliable product, service public with earthy and faithful attitude.

     Our major market is in America and Europe, and with extensive global coverage, offer standard and OEM products.

     Android laptop is our proud, naked-eye 3D tablet is our primary promotion, shipments of multi function and multi core tablet ranking front, shipment of big screen smart phone continuing increasing, hope smart TV box can win market acceptance.

     We are continuing improving our team management and staff diathesis, optimizing Production system and Improving quality control, in order to give the product more fashion and value elements to share happiness with friends around the world and create a better life!

     ▲BIG MASTER group, was founded in 1995,which sets communications product development and manufacturing
     ▲1997 Vietnam and Saigon offices setted  up
     ▲1998 Jakarta office opened
     ▲1999, own property, duhui 100 Shenzhen Office opened 
     ▲2000 Dubai branch office established
     ▲March 2001 electronic digital industries, began to develop a USB memory stick, MP3, digital cameras and other products
     ▲In 2002, "Elovo brand" was awarded consumer trustworthy product
     ▲In July 2003, "Elovo  brand" was honourly selected for the first “Shenzhen Brand” 
     ▲In October 2003, "Dongguan international computer products Exposition" won "Excellent Booth Award"
     ▲August 2007 Elovo group became "Asia electronics exhibition in computer equipment" official sponsor
     ▲2007 "102 China import commodities fair" Comrade Li Chunming, Vice Governor of Hubei Province attention and loving care
     ▲November 28, 2007, with Shenzhen, Tsinghua tongfang multimedia technology company limited established formal products OEM partnerships.
     ▲January 2008 into the laptop computer industry.Begin to R&D UMPC and ALL-IN-ONE laptop 
     ▲April 2008 CPPCC Zhou Guoming of Hubei Province and his party come to visit our company
     ▲October 2008 30 years of reform and opening up, "the large Thanksgiving specials giving back" was held in Shenzhen.
     ▲2008 to commemorate 30 years of reform and opening up, Shenzhen (1978-2008) Chairman chosen by veterans for deep business elite and entry into "deep story"
     ▲March 2009 UMPC and machine production capacity per month up to 38000
     ▲August 2010 comes out with 8-inch, 10-inch MID gain praise
     ▲December 2010 portable laptop , Tablet PCs and machine production capacity expansion to 96000 units per month
     ▲January 21, 2011 TCL digital technology (Shenzhen) limited liability company authorized MINI notebook manufacturer
     ▲September 12, 2012 3G full range of tablet computers launched Grand, reflecting warm  


       ★ Big Master Group brand values : lead to the way ! thanks to the community and contribute to the society!
       ★ ELOVO brand values : ; fashion , value and sharing .
       ★ Products : Products that character , regarding of the product quality as our life. Low quality products, as terrible as a body with no blood and lack of hope of a soulless  enterprise ! !
       ★ Leadership: A good leader is a good coach , former work guidance , work supervision, after working for counseling.
       ★ Team: No successful person, only successful team , unity of one mind , stones into gold work done , not only to do , well, be considered real work done .
       ★ Fine Effectiveness : exquisite refinement and practical effects work.
       ★ competition : self-improvement , healthy competition ; mutual appreciation and support each other .
       ★ goals: rather stiff neck due to high goals , and do not target low and hump.
       ★ character : shaping people‘s quality,Establish management foundation promptly eliminate bad thinking and behavior.
       ★ talent: Do not underestimate yourself, who have unlimited energy, excellent staff , loyal to the company , loyal to the occupation, loyal personality virtuous .A man with morality and talent will be highly appreciated .A man with morality but no talent will be trained to employ.A man with talent but no morality ,will be restricted to be employed .A man without talent nor morality will be absolutely be unemployed ..
       ★ allocation : There is a hard, there is a harvest according to his work , hard work and common development of social enterprise employees .
       ★ civilized manners : etiquette training employees, creating a team of extreme contempt for everything we throw spit uncivilized behavior.
       ★ habits: develop a good habit for yourself , to others a good impression .
       ★ success and failure : plum blossom from the bitter cold , Failure is the mother of success , further every day , embark on the road of success find a successful way losers make excuses , action was successful start , waiting for the source of the failure .
       ★ solidarity : multi-point communication, less complaining ; multi-point understanding, less dispute, we have something to work together, learn from each other , care for each other , cherish rare fate .
       ★ attitude Details: Details determine success or failure, attitude is everything.
       ★ Responsibility: Only the courage to take responsibility, to assume greater 
responsibility , the pursuit of customer satisfaction is the responsibility of you and me , the responsibility is quality assurance , quality is the life of the brand .
       ★ risk culture : the system can not replace the feelings of friends can not replace 
       ★ execution : no executive power, will not be competitive , resolutely and explosive.
       ★ Meeting principles:meeting will be have discussion ,Discussion wil be have decision .Decision will be have action .Action will be have result 
       ★ Customers principles: to fight for a client is not easy, but it is very simple to lose a client , customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of business .
       ★ waste and costs: reduce waste , reduce costs , and enhance cost consciousness , create enterprise efficiency.    


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